Gimel Studio Manual

Welcome to the manual for Gimel Studio, the free & open-source, non-destructive (node-based) 2D image graphics editor, focused on simplicity, speed, elegance and usability.


Gimel Studio is currently in early stages of development and is not stable. Not all features are implemented and things may be broken at any time.

Version Clarification

To be clear, there are currently two major versions of Gimel Studio:

  • Version 0.5.3 beta and previous

  • The version 0.6.x series and onward

Version 0.5.3 beta and previous versions were developed at:

Releases and source code for 0.5.3 beta and previous versions are still available at:

The 0.6.x series is a major re-write and re-thinking of the application and is currently in development at:


This documentation mainly talks about version v0.5.3 as new documentation needs to be written for the upcoming 0.6.x series. (If you would like to help in the documentation effort, please let us know).

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